Stripes & Mules

WhatUp Peeps!

Happy New Year! I wanted to stop in and show you these FABULOUS mules I just purchased. I’ve been stalking a patent leather ankle boot for quite some time now. So, when it was finally in my budget to head to Last Chance to procure them, I was pleased to find a patent leather mule instead. This worked out perfectly because I have 4 pairs of black ankle boots so I was happy with these as they differ from what is already in my wardrobe.

On this night, I decided to pair these shoes with a striped long sleeved button up, my favorite EverLane denim, and simple gold accessories. When I tell you I’m OBSESSED with these mules, I literally want to wear them everyday and get so many compliments on them.

To be honest, I planned to upload this post before Christmas but the recent WordPress update threw me for a tech-loop so this post will be brief 🙂

Please enjoy a few pics below.

Ensemble Breakdown:

Top: Last Chance- $7.00

Jeans: EverLane-$50.00

Mules- Last Chance $18.00


Peace & Love,

P.W.T. ( Pretty White Thang)

WhatUp Peeps!

HAPPY VOTING DAY! It is quite obvious that this country is in peril so I hope you all exercised your hard earned right to vote today( especially if you’re a minority or a woman) Ok, rant over 🙂 I had to stop in to share this BOMB white dress that was a part of my previously mentioned Forever 21 clearance  haul. Over the summer,  I was stalking this exact dress at another online retailer and the cheapest I found it was $30. So imagine my delight when I saw this on sale for a whopping $6!

Oh how I love this dress, let me count the ways: we’ve already talked about how the color white looks lovely on brown skin, the gold, double breasted buttons and detailing give me LIFE, and the slide slit makes it a little bit sexy. I opted to wear this number with my trusty Nike Cortez tennis shoes because I happened to be walking a bit the night I wore it and while out celebrating my friends upcoming move to LA, I had someone snap a few pictures.  Please enjoy the shots below.

Listen Linda, they may have to bury me in this dress 🙂 As always, ensemble details are below.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress: Forever 21- $6

Shoes: Nike Cortez, Last Chance-$15

Total: $21 ( WHOOP WHOOP)


Peace & Love,




All Aboard!!!

What-Up Peeps!

I hope you all are enjoying the first few days of Fall 🙂  Where I am, it’s not quite cool yet BUT the sweltering hot temperatures have dissipated so ya girl is happy! Last week, I went to Forever 21 to shop the Summer clearance racks and was pleased to find that sale items were an additional 65% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say I cleaned up is an understatement: I picked up 22 items for 88 dollars. I can’t wait to stunt in the next series of DOD’s in some of the gems I picked up.

Let’s start with this blue pinstripe jumpsuit. I’m sure you know by now that I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit there so versatile, flattering, and hardly ever need to be ironed. This piece has some stretch to it and reminded me of a train conductor (albeit a chic one) Best of all, it was a whopping $6( HEY NOW)

This time around, I kept it simple, pairing the ensemble with my trusty suede platforms and a gold choker. Since it was cool enough, my friend and I sat on the patio during brunch and she snapped a few pics to share with you all ( Thanks Tee-Nee) Enjoy the shots below.

I quit my full time job a couple months ago( more on that later) so I’m so thankful that God still blesses me with fabulous clothing items that are well under my budget. He’s such a good, good father. This season holds so much excitement for me: I recently heard a pastor say” Fall brings the harvest. ” I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some goooooood seed in the ground and am looking forward to reaping over and over again in this season.

Ensemble Breakdown:

Pinstripe Jumpsuit- Forever 21, $6

Shoes- Michael Kors- Last Chance, $23

Total- $29

Peace & Love,












Little Miss Sunshine

What-Up Peeps!


Two blogs in one day?!! Boo-Yah 🙂 I couldn’t leave you all without sliding in and sharing a few pics of one of my favorite dresses. I LOVE the colors: yellow, red, and white on melanin skin. To that end, imagine my delight when I peeped this fabulous, billowed sleeved, yellow number on sale for $30 at Zara.I’ve worn it once because it’s a pain in the rear to iron, but decided to bust it out this weekend as I attended a friends bridal shower. Since the event was held in the cutest little restored house in downtown Glendale, I had so many great picture settings so you know I took advantage. Enjoy a few of my favorite shots below.

I love pairing this dress with my royal-blue wrap- around heels as it adds a nice bright color contrast. This dress is right on trend for Spring and I feel like such a lady when I wear it. As alway’s the DOD ensemble breakdown is listed below.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress: $30- Zara

Heels: $20- Last Chance

Total- $50


Peace & Love,





Sittin Pretty

What-Up Peeps!

How the heck are you? I had to slide through on this glorious Tuesday to share a few snaps of me in this BOMB  dress that was under $5.00!!!! As you know, Last Chance recently had dresses on sale for 50% off so imagine my delight when I popped in the store one day and dresses were a whopping 75% off 🙂 I scooped up this lovely hunter green TopShop number with cold-shoulder accents, a slight front slit, and key-hole back for $4.75…..HEY NOW!

When I tell you, I got my ENTIRE LIFE in this dress; I love being sexy, classy, and comfortable all at the same time. This go round I kept it simple pairing this dress with my ankle strapped black heels and a few stackable rings.

After demolishing nearly two entrees at brunch this past Sunday, I decided to suck it in and take a few photos perched on a bench outside the restaurant. Below you will find a few shots for your perusal.


Oh well good people, this look had to be shared. Sorry for the brief post I’m headed to Miami in a couple days so I’ll check back in when I return.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress:TopShop- $4.75, Last Chance

Shoes: Steve Madden-$20, Last Chance

Total: $24.75


Peace & Love,








Eight Dollar Easter Dress

What Up Peeps!!


As promised, these next few DOD’s will be largely  focused on dresses as your girl just CAME UP at the 50% off dress sale at Last Chance 🙂 My favorite purchase has to be this silk, halter dress that I bought for $8.00!! In recent years, God has always given me deals on Easter dresses at Last Chance where I end up paying $7-10 for my dress. Although I can afford to buy something more expensive, I always appreciate a frugal find. Imagine my further delight when I looked up this dress online and found that it originally retailed for $130……WINNING!!!!!!!!

I loved everything about this ensemble: it’s an extra small so it fit me perfectly.The only drawback is the fabric was a TOTAL pain to iron and steam, after several tries, I just embraced the wrinkles. After a lovely Easter service, I rushed to snap a few pics for you all before we  headed out to stuff our faces with good ole’ Easter brunch. Below are a few captures for you to enjoy.

How did you all spend your Easter and what did you wear darling?! Please feel free to let me know in the comments below.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress- ASTR Label originally $130:I paid $8.00 at Last Chance

Shoes- Sam Edelman Nude T-Strap Hells: $20 at Last Chance

Total- $28.00

Peace & Love.







Five Dollar Faith Jumpsuit

What-up Peeps!!


Before the month ends, I need to wish you all a Happy FREAKIN New Year!!!!!! 2018 is about to be so AMAZING!! I’ve been wanting to slide in here real quick and share the story of my favorite five dollar jumpsuit.

About seven years ago, I was dead broke and singing in the choir at my church. I needed to purchase something to wear for the upcoming Sunday service and I had a whopping $10 to spend. Upon hitting up my trusty Forever 21 clearance rack, I found what I was looking for but also spotted this super cute jumpsuit on sale for $5. However, I didn’t have the money to purchase both items so sadly I left the jumpsuit on the rack. That week during choir rehearsal, the Holy Spirit fell so beautifully and my heart was encouraged to not only ask God for the money to purchase this jumpsuit but also in a size extra small as I didn’t like the way the small fit me. That same night, one of the choir members blessed me with some money and later that week, I went back to Forever 21 and lo and behold not only was there ONE jumpsuit left on the clearance rack it was also an extra small!!!

Fast forward to now, although I’m no longer broke, this jumpsuit remains one of my all-time favorites: I’ve dressed it up and down in a myriad of ways and its equal parts comfortable and chic so you know it’s my kind of ensemble 🙂 Every time I wear it, I’m reminded that there is nothing too small for God, he cares about the most intimate details and desires of my heart. As my faith has expanded and I now boldly ask for big things, this piece serves as a reminder of the power of simple, childlike faith that moves the hand of my Father. What are some things in your heart that you don’t have the courage to ask God for because you feel they are too small or insignificant? I encourage you to believe for those things because God delights in granting the desires of our hearts whether they be great or small.

This time around, I paired this jumpsuit with one of my favorite long-sleeved bowed tops, these FIRE embellished fur heels I just purchased, and my trusty 1.00 belt. After brunch with friends, I snapped a few pics for you all.


As always, the ensemble breakdown is below.


Jumpsuit: Forever 21- $5.00

Top: Last Chance- $5.00

Shoes: Steve Madden,Last Chance- $20

Total Cost- $30


Peace & Love,











What-Up Peeps!


Wow, it’s been a while huh? How is the beginning of summer treating you all? I’ve been pretty busy and to be honest haven’t been the best lately at blogging. This weekend, I went to a wedding for one of my friends and had to slide through and post this ensemble. I purchased this body-con dress from Forever 21 a couple months ago and immediately knew that I wanted to pair it with a complimentary duster as I don’t want to have all this BAWDY flowing in the breeze 🙂 Thankfully, when I went to LA a couple months ago, I found the perfect piece in the fashion district for  $30.

I love the idea of pairing a sexy dress with a cover-up so you show something but not too much. This time around, I added my trusty Steve Madden gladiator heels and Topshop choker to accentuate this look. In between the ceremony and reception, I stepped outside and had a friend snap a few pictures to share with you all.


Are you all a fan of the body-con silhouette ? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress: Forever 21- 12.90

Duster: Off Brand Purchased in LA Fashion District- $30

Shoes: Steve Madden, Last Chance-$20


Total Cost:$52.10



Peace & Love,




Diva on A Dime: If I Had A Boyfriend, This Would Be His Tee

What-Up Peeps!

I’ve been wanting to rock an oversized men’s tee for awhile now. On the low, I like wearing mens clothes, they’re comfortable, chic, androgynous and form quite the structured ensemble when paired with tailored pieces. Whenever God links me up with my future boo, he’s going to have to get comfortable with me stealing his clothes :). I spotted this dope Daft Punk/Frida tee for $10 while in LA and knew I had to have it! I bought an XL and decided to pair it with my well worn Jordan’s ( I believe these are the Raptor’s), my $5.00 sunglasses and trusty $5.00 black clutch.

I also bought this shirt in the color black so suffice to say I’ll be living in this t-shirt as we swing from spring to summer. I felt so sexy, comfortable and edgy in this ensemble. What is your take on menswear, are you into it or nah? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Oversized T-Shirt- $10 LA Fashion District

Clutch-$5.00 Forever 21

Jordans Raptor VII’s- Old, I think I paid $90 for them



Peace & Love,






Diva on A Dime: Off The Shoulder & Slides

What-Up Peeps!

As mentioned, when I went to LA a couple weeks ago, I did some shopping in the garment district. One of the things I bought are these lovely buckled slides that I purchased for a whopping $18! Have you all noticed the slide trend? On the lavish slide, Gucci has s fur trimmed slide that I think looks like a dead animal is stuffed inside 🙂 and there are also several other less-pricey options. I was determined to grab a pair and was so glad when I found these in the alley. These shoes are super comfortable, stylish, and can be styled a number of ways.

This time around, I paired these slides with my mom jeans, gold accessories, bandana choker, and an $11.00 off-the shoulder ribbed bodysuit I just bought at Recently, I wore this ensemble to lunch with a friend and afterwards she snapped these shots of me( please excuse my lunch belly LOL)

What are your thoughts on slides? Please feel free to share in the comments below

Ensemble Breakdown

Slides: No Name- $18

Top: SheIn Official- $11

Jeans: Forever 21-$25

Accessories:( Bandana, Necklaces)-$3.00



Peace & Love,