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Confession: I have an EXTREME case of wanderlust. I love traveling so much that my close friends often refer to me as Carmen SanDiego because at any given moment, you never know where I’ll be. I like to say that a great trip is like hitting the reset button on your soul. That being said, I would like to introduce the segment of my blog the I will refer to as ST Travels, when you see a blog with this title, know that you will be given an inside look at my  travel experiences. Recently, I had the pleasure of taking a girls trip to the beautiful island of Honolulu. Even though I’d booked this trip in February, I still had a bit of trepidation before taking off for Hawaii. That was SOOOOO unnecessary as I had a BLAST!!!!  Aside from the island being breathtakingly gorgeous, God showed all of us CRAZY FAVOR the entire trip. My friends and I jet-skied, went on a banana boat, snorkeled, jumped off a yacht in the middle of the ocean, bogey boarded, spent time on a secret island, drank, ate and SOO much more for free or at a discount. This trip was one of the best I have been on in awhile and reminded me that I serve a BIG God who looks to show himself mighty in the lives of His children, you just have to be willing to ask and receive. Please enjoy some snapshots of this trip below and please feel free to share some of your best travel experiences in the comments.

Peace & Love,

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Beautiful Scene at Diamond Head Mountain Preserve


Loving The Crew 🙂


Beach Bums


Sunsets that literally took your breath away


Bogey Board Adventures On A Private Beach



Post Hike at the Diamond Head Trail


Farewell From The Secret Island!!