Sweet San Diego

What Up Peeps!

Happy Spring to all of you! I hope the start of this new season signals new beginnings and shedding of things that no longer serve you 🙂 I haven’t left town since mid January so you know I was itching to ditch the desert for a bit. One of my close friends graduated from college in San Diego and we’ve taken multiple trips to the city in the last 7 years and established a list of places to go and things to do while were in the city. There is nothing like a brief getaway to invigorate you.

This trip, we decided to hit up ALL our favorite places to eat like: Crack Shack, Con Pane, Pointe Loma Seafoods, Pick Up Sticks and Afters Ice Cream ( Heeeey milky bun). Of course we spent time at the beach and decided to take a 3 hour sunset cruise. Our hotel was right on the beach and within walking distance to many attractions on Pacific Beach. To our delight, we also discovered a BOMB ramen spot that we ended up eating at twice during our stay.

I can’t tell you how much I needed this trip, as I’m once again sensing the winds of change blowing in my life; this faith walk just keep evolving for me! The peace I received while away grounded me as I know that God has me in the very palm of his hand. Enjoy some pics below.

Are you all traveling anywhere fun this Spring? Please let me know in the comments!

Peace & Love,

Good Times in The Country

What Up Peeps!!!!

How the heck is everyone doing? A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to head down to Arkansas to visit relatives on my dad’s side of the family. Seeing as though I hadn’t been in five years and my eldest uncle recently turned 90 years old, I figured my first trip of 2019 should be down South.

When I tell you I LOVE everything about being in the country; my family members are some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet, it’s great to visit with relatives who are still spry in their advanced age many of whom have been married for over 50 years, I shot a shotgun for the first (and last) time, and the overall slow pace of being in the middle of nowhere forces you to be present and live in the moment.

I got a great flight deal coming into Little Rock but split my time between the cities of Foreman, Arkadelphia, Oklahoma, and Hot Springs. While in town, I ate way more fried and processed food than I would have liked,(YOLO) drank ALOT, saw foreign animals like wild pigs, white tailed foxes, and other assorted road kill, but most importantly got to spend quality time with an assorted mix of relatives. I also learned how profitable buying and selling cattle can be and saw an actual cotton field with my own two eyes.

Being in Arkansa reminds me of the rich heritage I come from as my grandfather and his siblings grew up in stark poverty on a river bed doing menial jobs such as picking cotton to survive. Some of my eldest relatives succumbed to the great flood that hit the state in the early 1900’s, freak accidents, and disease so to be able to spend time with those that are living filled me with such appreciation and great love. We also visited my grandfather’s grave at our family cemetery and it always makes me a little sad as it was my grandfather’s ( I called him PawPaw) goal to return home and retire but he didn’t get the chance since he died of cancer at the age of 56.

Don’t you just love the soul warmth that comes from a good visit with your family? I know I did and definitely needed it to start the year off right. Please enjoy some of the pictures from my trip.

I declare that the rest of the trips I take in 2019 will hold the same warmth, favor, and love that I experienced while in AR. Where are you all looking forward to traveling to this year? Please let me know in the comments below.

Peace & Love,


What-Up Peeps,


It seems as though the website was down for a few days: my apologies. I waned to stop in and share with you all my recent trip to Nashville. This charming southern gem has been on my vision board for about a year now and I was so happy when my friend was down to plan a trip!! I’d liken Nashville to the South Eastern version of Austin, Texas: the city boasts a quirky nature and unique charm, all confined within the red-neck ideals of the South. While in town, we hit up the downtown music scene, ATE A LOT, visited the Parthenon, and enjoyed exploring the different neighborhoods in the city. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my time, I was most thankful for a chance to travel with my friend Kaelyn and get to know her better, there’s nothing like a friend you can actually travel with ( can I get an AMEN) .Please enjoy some pics from our trip.

Have you all ever traveled to Nashville? If so, what did you think? Please feel free to share in the comments below.



Peace & Love,





Bienvenido A Miami

What-Up Peeps!

I just came home from an AWESOME trip to the wonderful city of Miami. In recent years, I’ve traveled in and out of this city on other trips but never actually spent any time there. I needed a get-away and have had Miami on my vision board for the last year so I booked a trip. When I tell you God showed UP on this trip, I’m so grateful. I’d liken Miami ( especially South Beach) to an adult Spring Break: a bunch of half-naked people faux stunting in rented luxury vehicles and doing the absolute most 🙂

I stayed in the Doral community which was 25-30 minutes from most of the things I ended up doing. While in town, I went to Little Havana, spent some time in South Beach and the Brickell neighborhood, visited the VOUS church, and of course ATE a ton.

However, the thing that stands out the most about this trip was the crazy amount of favor the Lord showed me. All throughout, I came across amazing people, offered free items, and even linked up with a friend I haven’t seen in over 20 years ( Hey Mia!!!) Recently, I’ve been even more mindful of inviting God into the everyday mundane tasks of my life and He has not failed to grace me with amazing opportunities and exceeding exactly what I need/want. Please enjoy some pics from my lovely trip.

I’d also like to note that Miami has one of the dopest skylines I’ve ever seen in a city. Despite being in a minor fender bender on my way to church( I feel fine), I’m so blown away by this amazing trip and can’t wait to see how God continues to show up in the rest of my travels this year 🙂


Peace & Love,
















What-Up Peeps!

I hope the holiday season is treating you well 🙂 These last couple of weeks have been interesting: my best friend was in a terrible car accident and suffered a tragic loss a week before my birthday. Prior to this, I had already planned this trip to Tulum as my 7th and final trip of the year. I was supposed to go with a friend but she had to back out at the last minute. So between that, my friends accident, and developing a sinus infection a few days before I was supposed to head out, I contemplated cancelling this trip. However, since I already paid for everything and would have ended up losing money had I postponed it ( which you know I don’t do) I decided to go by myself and man am I glad I did!!

For those that don’t know, Tulum is a sleepy beachside town about an hour and a half drive from Cancun. The town boasts ruins, lovely beaches, and just an overall chill, relaxed vibe shared amongst the locals and tourists who visit this hidden gem. I peeped this place on the internet a couple years ago and have since wanted to check it out. Although I only in town for four days, I was able to do everything that I set out to do like: check out the ruins, spend the day at the beach, take a yoga class, spend some time at the spa and EAT!!!!!!!

My time in Tulum was absolutely magical, I ended up meeting some lovely girls traveling from California (hey Melissa & Claudia!) one of whom worked at a lovely restaurant where I was showered with a birthday serenade, free drinks and a custom dessert on my visits to the establishment. I loved eating at the off- the beaten path taco stands, drinking margaritas, viewing the local artwork, riding bikes around town and just decompressing from everything going on around me.

Sometimes, being by yourself is exactly what you need.  My time was also spent journaling, reading, sleeping, spending time with God, reflecting on what a GREAT year 2017 was for me, and casting vision for what I want to accomplish in the year ahead. Below are some pictures from the trip.

Now that I’m home and on meds to knock out the last of this sinus infection, I plan to relax, eat snacks and ease my way into 2018. Do you have any upcoming trips planned before this year ends? Feel free to share in the comments below.


Peace & Love,








Afropunk & NYC

What-Up Peeps!!!

Can you believe Summer is almost over 🙁 Recently, I had the pleasure of traveling to NYC to attend the famed Afropunk musical festival and romp around the city. I hadn’t been in eight years so I was overdue for a visit! New York City has a piece of my heart: I love how this city operates on it’s own frequency. To be honest, although I’ve taken some AMAZING trips this year, my interactions with the people I’ve went haven’t been the best so I prayed for a favor-filled, soul cleansing trip and that’s exactly what I experienced.

I stayed in Brooklyn and as soon as I came into town on a red-eye flight, it was non-stop action.  First,I met up with a friend in Bed-Sty  where we had dinner at the yummy Saraghina Italian restaurant. Next, I got my brows tinted and threaded, roamed the city and attended a workout at the Bandier studios with the lovely Bethany Meyers. Friday evening, I had drinks with a friend I haven’t seen in almost 10 years and we nearly shut the bar down!

Before I headed to the festival, I woke up early Saturday to attend a yoga class with my ALL-TIME FAVORITE yoga instructor Tara Stiles. Tara has long been an inspiration and has completely revolutionized the way I practice yoga. When I saw that she would be in NYC teaching the whole month of August ( A rarity since she is a globe-trotting rockstar) I knew I had to make the trek to Soho and she was just as warm, funny, and kind as I expected her to be, not to mention her class kicked my ass!!!!

When I finally made it to Afropunk, it was BEYOND amazing. Not only did I get to enjoy the musical talents of: Anderson Paak, Sza, Macy Gray, Michael Kiwanku, Solange( twice in one year!!), Princess Nokia, and Raaphal Saadiq, there was something euphoric about being in the presence of so many beautiful black people. The freedom, expression, and love was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  Also, I had the chance to meet some of my favorite podcasters the lovely Hey Fran Hey, Jade of All Jades, and Look at Dustin.

By Monday, I was understandably spent but pressed my way to Manhattan one last time as I scheduled an Acu-Colonic with Tracy Piper. Tracy is an internal fitness expert who cultivated the Piper Protocol, wrote a book to detail said protocol, and provides her services at two Manhattan locations. Honestly, I thought I should have went to the spa but after my services, I was so glad I went: Tracy is LEGIT: not only did she clean me out, we had a therapy session, she was hilarious and unabashedly honest.

Man my soul needed this trip!! I met so many amazing people, ate the best food, enjoyed cooler weather, and consistently experienced good breaks and preferential treatment.  Please enjoy my pics below.



Where will you all be traveling to close out Summer ’17? Please share in the comments below.

Peace & Love,
















What-Up Peeps!


It’s been awhile eh? I hope the summer has treated you marvelously( can you believe it’s almost over!) A few weeks ago, I spent 6 days in Cuba and had an AMAZING time. I feel so fortunate to have experienced this bucket-list item in a country that is literally frozen in time. I traveled with a couple people: we started off in Old Havana and I was blown away by the crumbling buildings, new architecture, culture and food. From there, we went to the Miramar neighborhood and enjoyed more great food, live music, and a lovely beach.

Being in Cuba forces you to be in the moment as wifi is spotty on the island . With the exception of a few things I needed to get done while there, I enjoyed checking out and commiserating with the locals, fully absorbing my experiences. From the intricately dressed people on the streets, a convertible tour of historical sights, in season food, Cuban cigars, and the sheer beauty of the country, I’d definitely recommend you traveling to Cuba if you have the chance ( especially before #45 makes it near-impossible to do so) Please enjoy some of the MANY pictures I snapped while there 🙂

What interesting places have you all traveled to this Summer? Please share in the comments below.


Peace & Love,





























FORM at Arcosanti

What-Up Peeps!

I’m so excited to finally write about this experience!!! Ever since Solange released A Seat At The Table late last year, I’ve been on a mission to see her in concert. Since I follow her on social media, I see when she posts calendar updates that list her upcoming shows and was weighing several options when it came to seeing her live. First, I thought I wanted to go to Boston, then I purchased tickets to attend AfroPunk in NYC in late summer but was puzzled when I saw her name removed from the festival line-up. Then to my surprise, I saw that she was going to be at something called FORM at the Arcosanti site which is about an hour and a half outside of Phoenix!!! Upon further investigation, it turns out that this music festival has been happening for a couple years now, received great reviews, and had a volunteer sign up. Despite me finding out about it a mere two weeks before it was to take place, I submitted the volunteer application, said a prayer, and trusted God that I would be able to see Solange perform this year. Within a week’s time, my volunteer application was approved, I had extensive email communication with the volunteer coordinator chronicling all that was expected of me, I arranged to borrow a tent and sleeping bag from a co-worker, and I was signed up to spend a few days in the desert!!

Now lets be clear, I’d NEVER camped in my life, had no idea what to expect and the FYRE festival was still fresh on my mind( what a nightmare). Nonetheless, I hitched a ride with a couple fellow volunteers and made my way to the Cordes Lake Desert. Upon arriving on site, I knew that I would be just fine: for the most part, everyone was friendly and looked out for each other and the Arcosanti grounds are simply beautiful. Once we set up camp, the volunteers prepared the site for the incoming concert goers and we were free to roam the grounds until the crowds arrived. I was so grateful that I didn’t have to work the first day of the festival as the majority of the artists I wanted to see were performing that night. That evening, I was able to see Kelela, Moses Sumney, and the one and only Solange perform.

About this Solange performance:not only was I in the front row which enabled me to fully take in the visual precision and excellence that encompassed EVERY detail of her set, when this golden beauty starting singing F.U.B.U. she comes off the stage, looks me in the eyes as we sing some of the lyrics together and danced with me for a bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say I got my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE would be an understatement 🙂

As far as I was concerned, the weekend could have ended for me right there as I got what I came for but I spent the next few days fulfilling my volunteer commitment in the merchandise section of the festival, eating good food, meeting cool people, and was able to enjoy the live performances of : KING, James Blake, 100 waters, and Thundercat. Check out some pics below.

It’s also worth mentioning that a mentor from my undergrad collegiate experience mentioned the Arcosanti space to me a couple years ago and it has since been on my radar as a place to visit. Honestly, I am still so overwhelmed at the goodness of God that he not only gave me an opportunity to experience this site and Solange for FREE but for the countless other musical acts and memories I was able to experience. I would also like to note that although camping was dope, I now know that I have a three-day threshold for sleeping outdoors 🙂 I encourage you all to do things that cause you to step out of your comfort zone as there are some AMAZING things that are sure to take place. Also, this post has a couple pictures from a fellow volunteer named Dino Webb, please check out his website for more pictures from that weekend: dwebbphotography.pass.us


Peace & Love,












SophiaTroy Travels: LaLa Land

What-Up Peeps!!

How the heck have you all been? I realize it’s been nearly a month since I last chatted with you. Well, Spring/Summer are finally here so that means travel escapes are upon us 🙂 I haven’t spent  time in Los Angeles in a couple years and always look forward to briefly escaping to shop, hit the beach, attend a great church service, eat and just GET AWAY!!!!! Thankfully, I was able to do just that during this past Easter weekend. Accompanied by a young lady I know from church, we spent Friday-Sunday in LaLa land.

Our hotel was in Burbank but we traveled downtown to shop in the fashion district, spent the afternoon at the Santa Monica Beach, attended church at Zoe Church for Easter service, and ate yummy food at: Magnolia Bakery, Dulan’s on Crenshaw, and Komodo. I’m also obsessed with Korean sheet face masks from The Face Shop so I had to stop in Koreatown to stock up on those skin gems.


If you’ve been following my site, you know that I LOVE the ability to escape even if it’s just for a few days. The city of Angels never disappoints me and I’m so thankful to have accomplished everything I set out to do while in town. Of course, I redeemed flight miles for a free one-way ticket(DOD all day) and decided to straighten the fro and cut off A LOT of dead ends 🙂 I pray that this season finds you doing well and experiencing new adventures no matter how brief they may be.


Peace & Love,



SophiaTroy Travels: Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Whatup Peeps!


Last week, I returned from a brief trip to Costa Rica, so you know I had to share it with you all 🙂 About a month ago, I was invited to join a group trip with a mutual friend to link up with some of her friends in celebration of a birthday. Despite having just went to San Diego a little over a month prior, I jumped at the chance to accompany this group on this trip. We only stayed in Costa Rica for a total of four days, but so much was packed into that time: we flew in and out of San Jose, then traveled to Jaco, Manuel De Playa,  and Cuepos. During our time there, we ate a TON of fresh, sometimes organic food, drank tasty cocktails, spent some time at amazing beaches, went on a quad ride through the jungle ( at night….yikes), had an afternoon at the spa, encountered some local wildlife, hiked into a beautiful waterfall,  and overall enjoyed ourselves!!! We were gone just the right amount of time and I’m thankful to have gotten away. In Costa Rica, they have a saying ” Pura Vida” which means pure life, this is a way of life  embedded in the very fabric of the culture of this country as you’ll find everyone is chill and always ready for an adventure. Below are some pics from my trip for you to enjoy.

If you all ever have a chance to travel to Costa Rica, you should definitely do it 🙂 I’ve decided all I need this year is good food, good friends, and great travel opportunities.



Peace & Love,