Happy Easter!!!

Whatup Peeps!!

My name is SophiaTroy and I am a young woman from the Southwest who loves: Jesus, Food, Travel, Fashion, Writing, Hanging with my family & friends, and overall just having a great time 🙂 I started this blog as a creative outlet that will serve as the hub of my varied interests and hope to connect with awesome people and disperse and receive inspiration from you all in the process.  You can count on me always  being 100% authentic and  honest as that’s who I naturally am. Its been a pretty long day so this first post will be a short one. I do think its fitting to launch this blog on Resurrection Sunday as I believe this is a season in my life and yours where God is resurrecting old. seemingly dead: dreams, relationships, etc. So lets enjoy this journey together, I’m looking forward to some great times!

Peace & Love,

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