The Art of Being Undone

The Art of Being Undone

undo-(verb) undid, undone, undoing.

To reverse the doing of; cause to be as if never done. To do away with:erase, efface. To untie or loose. 


I finally quit my full-time job a few months ago. If you remember the piece I wrote entitled Take the Leap & Find Your Wings, this was a long time coming. Back in the Spring while in Miami,  I had a realization: I’ve had a job since I was 15 years old with the exception of a three year stint post undergrad where I was chronically fired and unemployed. I’ve spent the vast majority of my adult life working places that merely allowed me to survive rather than truly thrive in life. Imagine how freeing it was  to discover  at 33 , no real responsibilities, debt-free and emotionally whole that I’m now in a position to do WHAT I WANT, BECAUSE I WANT TO!!!!

These last few months, God has truly amazed me with his faithfulness and provision. Every need has been swiftly provided for and as soon as one stream of income ends, he quickly opens up another one.Unusual opportunities have been manifesting and I’m walking in a lot of divine favor.

The concept of being undone has been rolling around in my spirit for some time now. I specifically like the part of the word defined as  “to reverse the doing of, cause to be as if never done”. That is exactly what I’m experiencing in my life during this season: God has been ridding me of ideas, relationships and the mentality that I am only here to survive and causing me to rest in a place of ease knowing that he desires for me to have joy in life while being my authentic self all while doing what I love.

Lately, my time has been spent resting, reading, upping my exercise routine, spending a TON of time with friends, making healthier food choices, re-calibrating my soul, and just relishing in the stillness of who God is and who he created me to be.  I have an insurmountable amount of peace and joy and honestly haven’t been this happy in a long time. I am not entirely certain just yet of the specifics of what my next season holds. Recently, I’ve received a few prophetic words reminding me that God has caused me to stand out, will use my gifts in a unique way, has me in unchartered territory and get this that I will be undone by God’s love!! ( HEY NOW)

As you’re reading this,  I hope it reminds you of some of the areas of your life where you need to be undone. Places in your heart that God will reset so you don’t even resemble the unfortunate things you’ve walked through and that faith will rise in you to step out into new territory knowing that he will guide you every step of the way.


Peace & Love,

All Aboard!!!

What-Up Peeps!

I hope you all are enjoying the first few days of Fall 🙂  Where I am, it’s not quite cool yet BUT the sweltering hot temperatures have dissipated so ya girl is happy! Last week, I went to Forever 21 to shop the Summer clearance racks and was pleased to find that sale items were an additional 65% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say I cleaned up is an understatement: I picked up 22 items for 88 dollars. I can’t wait to stunt in the next series of DOD’s in some of the gems I picked up.

Let’s start with this blue pinstripe jumpsuit. I’m sure you know by now that I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit there so versatile, flattering, and hardly ever need to be ironed. This piece has some stretch to it and reminded me of a train conductor (albeit a chic one) Best of all, it was a whopping $6( HEY NOW)

This time around, I kept it simple, pairing the ensemble with my trusty suede platforms and a gold choker. Since it was cool enough, my friend and I sat on the patio during brunch and she snapped a few pics to share with you all ( Thanks Tee-Nee) Enjoy the shots below.

I quit my full time job a couple months ago( more on that later) so I’m so thankful that God still blesses me with fabulous clothing items that are well under my budget. He’s such a good, good father. This season holds so much excitement for me: I recently heard a pastor say” Fall brings the harvest. ” I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some goooooood seed in the ground and am looking forward to reaping over and over again in this season.

Ensemble Breakdown:

Pinstripe Jumpsuit- Forever 21, $6

Shoes- Michael Kors- Last Chance, $23

Total- $29

Peace & Love,