Twelve Dollar Slipdress

What Up Peeps,

I’M ALIVE!!!! I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I’ve blogged. I’ll warn you in advance, this is not my usual full- length DOD post. I merely wanted to slide in and say hello 🙂 I did however post a new piece in SophiaTroy Speaks and I hope you check it out. Last week, I went to HH with a friend and we stopped into  a local plant shop to kill some time. That day, I happened to be rocking this $12 slip dress I recently picked up from Last Chance. I’ve been stalking a slip dress for a minute so I was glad to grab this one. I’ll spare you the full ensemble details since there not visible but enjoy the few snaps she captured  (Thanks Sid!)

I promise to be more consistent in posting so we’ll talk soon!


Peace & Love.







To Be Black

To Be Black

To Be Black is a constant feeling of making yourself small.

Resisting the urge to be too loud, too free, too confident or drawing any attention to yourself at all.

To Be Black is to be automatically disregarded with no regards for your humanity.

Assumed to be a threat because of what people think they see.

To Be Black is to speak with perfect diction and poise only to be told you have an attitude, rile people up and make too much noise.

To Be Black is a coming away from oneself drawing the best parts of you within.

Fearful of fully operating within certain spaces.

To Be Black is to often be seen as faceless.

Just a brown body encroaching on free space.

People emboldened to speak their hatred right in your face.

To Be Black is to witness regression after centuries of tiresome progress.

To Be Black is to be confounded by the space of your other-ness.

To Be Black is to be resilient.

Knowing that your heritage is steeped in so much pride.

Rightfully wearing your crown in spite of those who wish you’d be denied.

Your very success guaranteed by birthright.

Paid for by our ancestors who refused to give up the fight.

To Be Black is beautiful exuding inexplicable joy.

Flourishing from the dirt in the faces of those who don’t want us to enjoy.