Sneakers & A Slip-Dress

What-Up Peeps!

I hope you’re doing well 🙂 I wanted to drop in on this lovely Sunday and share this ensemble with you all. Recently, I went to the Target website to check out their recent WhoWhatWear collaboration. To my surprise, I saw this burnt orange slip dress on sale for $10!!!! Despite them not having it in an extra small  (the reviews said the dress ran big) I decided to purchase it reasoning that I could alway return it. Upon receiving it, I fell in LOVE with the color and despite it indeed running big, I decided to keep it as I can pair this with other fitted pieces. This time around, I did just that, opting to wear my trusty studded shrunken faux-leather jacket and Adidas Classic Superstar tennis shoes.

The options for this look are freaking endless! I look forward to wearing this with a white-tee, heels, a choker, turtleneck …BRUH I can go on 🙂 Sorry there aren’t many pics of this look, I had a wonderful Friday evening and only briefly paused for a few snaps.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress- WhoWhatWear X Target Slip Dress- $10

Shoes- Adidas Superstar- $60

Jacket- Forever 21 Studded Faux-Leather Shrunken Jacket- $30

Total- $100


Peace & Love,


I’m Ready

I’m Ready

I’m Ready

To lay down my hair and lay myself bare before you

I’m ready to reveal all my truth and reclaim my youth

I’m ready to let you in

I’m ready to perpetually radiate from within

I’m ready to be vulnerable and afraid, to let you lead me in a myriad of ways

I’m ready to let go of what lies behind

I’m ready to realize aligning myself beside you doesn’t diminish my shine

I’m ready to let go of what’s been modeled before me

I’m ready to plant seeds that will yield harvest for generations to come

I’m ready to walk beside you on Earth together as one

Thank you for holding my heart and keeping it  secure

I’ve held onto it for a long time; it’s really worth something and completely pure