Diva on a Dime: Bordeaux Booties

What Up Peeps!!

Geesh this intro picture is the size of a freaking billboard 🙂 I HAD to slide in here real quick and post about my new favorite ankle boots. But first, let me tell you how the devil tried to steal my joy: I ordered these satin, sock feet beauties from Public Desire UK( Yes, they shipped from Europe) just before I moved  and because I was unsure of how quickly I would close on my home, I ordered them to my old apartment even though in my Spirit I felt like I should  send them to my new address.  Long story short, they were delivered to my old address the day after I moved  despite my mail forwarding request going into  effect and I had to wait an ENTIRE MONTH for the post office to locate them. Nonetheless, I finally got my hands on them but was reminded that God leads us in the most mundane moments of our lives and we should never ignore His promptings.

I also recently purchased a vintage Pink Floyd tee for $10 in the boys department at Old Navy and knew that I wanted to style these boots with that tee, my wide-leg denim trousers featured in a previous post, and my classic denim jacket that I’ve had since the 10th grade. I LOVED everything about this look: comfy, classic, and with a bit of an edge just like I like it.


I’ve listed the link to the boots in the breakdown below, please note that my bordeaux color is no longer available but they do come in a variety of colors including the electric blue ones I initially  thought I’d buy. I leave to Costa Rica in a couple days, so I need to get packing 🙂


Ensemble Breakdown:

Elsa Sock Fit Ankle Boots- Public Desire $49.99: http://www.publicdesire.com/us/elsa-sock-fit-round-heel-ankle-boots-in-khaki-stretch

Pink Floyd Tee- Old Navy $10

Forever 21 Wide Leg Denim Capri’s-$20

Jacket- Vintage

Total: 79.99


Peace & Love,







Sophia Troy Travels: Soaking Up The Sun in SD

Happy New Year Peeps!!!!

I hope you all had a great holiday season 🙂 As mentioned in my last post, I bought my first home and moved in the week before Christmas( whooooo hooooo!!!!) I was able to pretty much furnish my entire home in a week’s time: fulfilling but exhausting, so I was BEYOND ready to  head to San Diego for a week with my mom and sister to enjoy some much needed R&R.  We stayed in La Jolla at a hotel that was walking distance to the beach and although the water was cold, we were blessed with sunny  weather in the upper 70’s during our trip. We literally did nothing except eat, go to the beach, drink wine, and spend time with each other which was all I really wanted to do.  I don’t know about you all, but for me, 2016 was both a blessed and difficult year: although I saw many personal victories, I cant help but be burdened by the current racial and political state of this nation and can only pray that things turn out differently than they are projected. I have such a hopeful expectation for this year and for all that God will do in and through me, how about you?

How did you all spend your holiday’s and what are you looking forward to in the New Year? Feel free to comment below.


Peace & Love,