Diva on A Dime: Spotlight on The Ten Dollar Shirtdress


What Up Peeps!!

How is everyone?! As previously mentioned, I’ve been dealing with a corneal abrasion ( It’s almost completely healed…WON’T HE DO IT!!)  during this time that I’ve been living the one-eyed dream, I’ve managed to: crack my cell phone screen, hit a pole, pay out of pocket for my doctor’s visits and medications and regulate my driving to daytime hours. Needless to say, I’ve been climbing up the rough side of the mountain 🙂  However, I believe you can’t keep a good bish down and have enjoyed walking places, having my friends pick me up for outings and the peace and clarity that comes from being alone. A few months ago, a fellow blogger named Ruthie Ridley wore a SUPER cute $20 dress from a site called SheIn.com. Seeing as though I’m a sucker for a good deal, I went to the site and immediately found some great options for an even better price and bought two dresses for $25.00!!!! One of them was the black and white striped high-low dress I wore for Easter in my last post and the other is this lovely shirtdress that was a whopping ten dollars.  Now you know I love a good shirtdress: it is equal parts feminine and chic, comfortable , and the embodiment of simple elegance. I  was immediately drawn to this dress for its length, color, and style. I will have to take it to my tailor as the front slit nearly reaches my navel and you must have a covenant to access all of that 🙂 To remedy that, I strategically places four safety pins up the front to cover my goods until I get the dress altered. This time, I paired this look with my newly purchased metallic silver heeled sandals and three of my favorite beaded bracelets that I picked up for a dollar each in the garment district of LA.  I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!! The material is incredibly light and perfect for the increasing temperatures, I felt like such a lady in this look 🙂

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What are you’re thoughts on a god shirtdress? How do you like to incorporate it into you’re wardrobe? Feel free to tell me in the comments 🙂


Outfit Breakdown:

Olive Green Shirtdress- $10.00 www.shein.com

Shoes- Chloe & Grace-$23.00 Last Chance

Bracelets- $3.00 Fashion District


Total Cost: $36.00


Peace & Love,

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SophiaTroy Travels: March Without the Madness


What-Up Peeps!!!

The month of March has brought some AWESOME travel opportunities and a bit of an irritant; I have been stricken with a corneal edema for almost two weeks…BOO! On to brighter topics, this month I had two great travel opportunities. First up, I went to Elevate Remix; a young adult retreat that yearly hosts this event on the beautiful grounds of the Young Life facility located in Williams, AZ. This year marked my 3rd time attending and I love how every time I go, its always different and God meets me in a unique way. The retreat consists of: breakout sessions, meals, fun, amazing worship services, and the chance to make new friends. It’s always a pleasure to disconnect from everything,enjoy the beauty of nature and basking in God’s presence. I met some wonderful people in my cabin and we even got a day of snow 🙂




Next up, I was desperately in need of a trip to the beach so I used some of my airline points to purchase a ticket to Orange County for a whopping $12.00 ( DOD all day) Despite dealing with my bum eye, I continued on with my plans and thoroughly enjoyed my trip.  I booked an Airbnb reservation with Carol a super sweet older woman who reminded me of a grandma. Carol’s home was in a great neighborhood, cozy,  and within walking distance to good restaurants and a lovely park.  My trip was mostly low-key; I spent the day at the beach, ate ALOT, and spent a lot of time resting. Since my trip took place during Easter weekend, I attended church service at Free Chapel OC, I’ve long been blessed by the ministry of Pastor Jentzen Franklin and was glad to attend one of his churches.


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Sometimes there is nothing better than unplugging from it all and taking time to recharge, I’m thankful for the opportunity to have done that twice this month. Where are you all traveling to this Spring? Please feel free to share in the comments.


Peace & Love,

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