Diva On A Dime: Fit & Flare

What-Up Peeps!!

This has to be one of my fave DOD series to-date 🙂 I LOVE a flared leg trouser, and have had these babies for a few years now, I’m so glad  this style is making a comeback. Recently, I’ve been challenging myself to put together different looks using items I already have in my closet. Even though I don’t spend a lot of money on my clothes, I do have a TON of options so instead of shopping to add to my already large wardrobe, I decided to use what I already have in my arsenal to put a fresh spin on old pieces.



This time, I decided to wear a mock turtleneck  crop top with these mahogany trousers. I love how these pants are high waisted so I could still wear the top without showing my midriff ( this time around .. 🙂 )



My faux leather messenger bag, strappy platform sandals, and gold arm cuff added the perfect finishing touches to this look.



FullSizeRender-3 copy


What are some of the ways you are remixing your wardrobe to incorporate pieces you already own? Are you a fan of a wide- legged trouser? Please feel free to comment below


FullSizeRender 6.50.21 PM

Outfit Breakdown

Wide-Leg, High Waisted Trousers- $10- Forever 21

Mock-Turtleneck Crop Top- $5 Last Chance

Shoes: Steve Madden- $20 Last Chance

Faux Leather Messenger Bag= $5 Forever 21

Gold Arm Cuff- $1 Forever 21

Total Cost: $41.00

Peace & Love,

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SophiaTroy Eats: Burgers at BLD

What-up Peeps!!

Confession: I LOVE FOOD!!! So much so, that I can pretty much tell you anywhere in town to get the best dish, happy hour deals etc. In addition to that, I really enjoy cooking and like experimenting in my kitchen. I’ve wanted to blog in this section for awhile now but found myself inhaling my food or too immersed in conversation to adequately capture the moment (anyone else guilty of that??)  I’m always down to try new restaurants and especially like doing so with friends. Such was the case this past weekend, when I made the drive to Chandler, AZ to check out this awesome spot called BLD (short for breakfast lunch and dinner). I had the pleasure of joining my two closest girlfriends, one who is a foodie like me and raved about how good the place is.  Upon arrival, I enjoyed the comfy, eclectic, and chic vibe the place has. It has the comfort of a diner but with a little more edge.

FullSizeRender copy 3My eye was instantly drawn to the clock wall which has a myriad of different clocks all telling the same time.

Onto the menu: its very straightforward, not a ton of frills, just great dishes with a classic twist. You will find things like salads, pasta dishes, burgers and sandwiches on their dinner menu. Being that I love a good deal, I was impressed with the  buy one get one free appetizer, special their currently having and liked the fact that they have a different drink deal everyday.

FullSizeRenderAs for what I ordered, my friend recommended the BLD burger which is a house specialty and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!!! It’s a 1/2 pound double patty burger that is topped  with short ribs, bacon, jalapeños,  and a fried egg 🙂 I ordered a side of onion rings and it was seriously the BEST burger I’ve had in a LONG time 🙂

FullSizeRender copy

Heaven on a Plate

I would definitely recommend BLD if your ever in the Chandler AZ area, the wait staff were awesome,  attentive, the price point is reasonable and the food was BOMB.


Any time I get to enjoy a great meal with great friends is a night well spent.


What are some of your favorite restaurant’s and the last GREAT thing you ate??? Please feel free to comment below


BLD ( Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

1920 W Germann Road

Chandler, AZ 85286



Peace & Love,


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SophiaTroy Speaks: Say Their Names

What- up Peeps,


As you all know, racial tensions have reached a fever pitch in this country. Day after day, there are continual reports of injustices, murders, and violations of basic civil liberties.  Even sadder, most of these instances are affecting black people at a disproportionally  higher rate. In the last few years, there have been countless headlines of the lives of black people who have either been murdered or suffered terrible injustice at the hands of blatant racists and police officers alike.  As a black women, I find this both disheartening  and outrageous: not only have these instances proven that black lives aren’t valued but also that our justice system is completely broken as there has been little to no consequences rendered for these despicable actions. The tipping point for me came a couple weeks ago when I heard the story of Sandra Bland, the young black Texan woman who was unjustly arrested and later found dead in her jail cell amidst  speculation of what is clearly foul play. I’m sick, I’m tired, I want justice, I want to believe in the country I live in, I want to bring my future children into a society that values them and treats them fairly. Below is a piece I wrote entitled Say Their Names. Please feel free to comment below

Say Their Names


Say the names of the countless lives of black men and women that have unjustly been taken


Say the names of daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles whose families feel forsaken


Say the names of police officers viscerally abusing their power causing legions of outrage at this very hour


Say the names of the Freedom Fighters, activists, and legislators of times past who from the grave watch their work unravel like a tapestry undone


Say the name of the heaviness that attempts to fill all the space in my soul


Say the name of the justice that has been foretold but never enacted


Say the names of those who have received no media coverage, their wounds just as deep and outrage just as real, having a story that will never make it on anyone’s news reel


Say the name of the consequences that are demanding to be had say the name of the balm needed to heal this land from all that is sad


Say the name of this country that is on the tipping point of a racial war say the name of the enemy we refuse to fight at our own front door


Say the names of those who are senselessly gone too soon: Travyon Martin, Sandra Bland , Sam Dubose, The Charleston nine, Eric Garner to name a few


Say the name of my heart as it breaks for each of you



Peace & Love

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