Sweet San Diego

What Up Peeps!

Happy Spring to all of you! I hope the start of this new season signals new beginnings and shedding of things that no longer serve you 🙂 I haven’t left town since mid January so you know I was itching to ditch the desert for a bit. One of my close friends graduated from college in San Diego and we’ve taken multiple trips to the city in the last 7 years and established a list of places to go and things to do while were in the city. There is nothing like a brief getaway to invigorate you.

This trip, we decided to hit up ALL our favorite places to eat like: Crack Shack, Con Pane, Pointe Loma Seafoods, Pick Up Sticks and Afters Ice Cream ( Heeeey milky bun). Of course we spent time at the beach and decided to take a 3 hour sunset cruise. Our hotel was right on the beach and within walking distance to many attractions on Pacific Beach. To our delight, we also discovered a BOMB ramen spot that we ended up eating at twice during our stay.

I can’t tell you how much I needed this trip, as I’m once again sensing the winds of change blowing in my life; this faith walk just keep evolving for me! The peace I received while away grounded me as I know that God has me in the very palm of his hand. Enjoy some pics below.

Are you all traveling anywhere fun this Spring? Please let me know in the comments!

Peace & Love,

Rice Paper

What Up Peeps!

I finally resisted my natural tendency to eat all my food amidst great conversations with friends while eating out long enough to take some pics to share with you for a long- overdue SophiaTroy Eats 🙂

This time, I went to Rice Paper a local Vietnamese spot that specializes in pho and uniquely crafted spring rolls. When I lived in my old apartment, I frequented this place a few times even having a neighbor who was a part of the service staff. However, it had been a few years since I’d been and was glad to meet a friend there for happy hour as they moved a couple blocks down into a renovated space.

As you know, anyplace that has food and drink specials everyday is my JAM! I was pleased that two of my menu favorites were still offered on the appetizer list: firecracker shrimp and garlic noodles. The firecracker shrimp are mid-sized deep fried prawns covered in a creamy chili sauce and topped with sesame seeds. The garlic noodles are a simple dish that is packed with a ton of flavor thanks to the garlic sauce the noodles are tossed in. We also settled on two of the fresh spring rolls choosing the filet mignon and the spider roll( which we loved so much, we had a second order). Our drinks consisted of the Lycheejito which is an Asian twist on the classic mojito adding jicama, cucumber, and fresh lychees to the drink; these were EXCELLENT and we had two rounds.

Turns out, the bartender was one of my friends students who is in her class at the University she teaches at so he also sent over a special lychee shot on the house( Hey Noooow)

I really enjoyed the new location as it’s larger, has an eclectic vibe and just overall suits the space much better than their former, smaller space. The waitstaff is super friendly and there is just a dope, easygoing, communal atmosphere that you feel when you dine at RicePaper. Please enjoy some pics below.

What are some of your favorite happy hour spots and menu/drink items? I’d love it if you shared it with me in the comments below.

Rice Paper Vietnamese Restaurant

2241 N 7th Street

Phoenix, AZ 85006

Peace & Love,

Good Times in The Country

What Up Peeps!!!!

How the heck is everyone doing? A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to head down to Arkansas to visit relatives on my dad’s side of the family. Seeing as though I hadn’t been in five years and my eldest uncle recently turned 90 years old, I figured my first trip of 2019 should be down South.

When I tell you I LOVE everything about being in the country; my family members are some of the most hospitable people you will ever meet, it’s great to visit with relatives who are still spry in their advanced age many of whom have been married for over 50 years, I shot a shotgun for the first (and last) time, and the overall slow pace of being in the middle of nowhere forces you to be present and live in the moment.

I got a great flight deal coming into Little Rock but split my time between the cities of Foreman, Arkadelphia, Oklahoma, and Hot Springs. While in town, I ate way more fried and processed food than I would have liked,(YOLO) drank ALOT, saw foreign animals like wild pigs, white tailed foxes, and other assorted road kill, but most importantly got to spend quality time with an assorted mix of relatives. I also learned how profitable buying and selling cattle can be and saw an actual cotton field with my own two eyes.

Being in Arkansa reminds me of the rich heritage I come from as my grandfather and his siblings grew up in stark poverty on a river bed doing menial jobs such as picking cotton to survive. Some of my eldest relatives succumbed to the great flood that hit the state in the early 1900’s, freak accidents, and disease so to be able to spend time with those that are living filled me with such appreciation and great love. We also visited my grandfather’s grave at our family cemetery and it always makes me a little sad as it was my grandfather’s ( I called him PawPaw) goal to return home and retire but he didn’t get the chance since he died of cancer at the age of 56.

Don’t you just love the soul warmth that comes from a good visit with your family? I know I did and definitely needed it to start the year off right. Please enjoy some of the pictures from my trip.

I declare that the rest of the trips I take in 2019 will hold the same warmth, favor, and love that I experienced while in AR. Where are you all looking forward to traveling to this year? Please let me know in the comments below.

Peace & Love,

Stripes & Mules

WhatUp Peeps!

Happy New Year! I wanted to stop in and show you these FABULOUS mules I just purchased. I’ve been stalking a patent leather ankle boot for quite some time now. So, when it was finally in my budget to head to Last Chance to procure them, I was pleased to find a patent leather mule instead. This worked out perfectly because I have 4 pairs of black ankle boots so I was happy with these as they differ from what is already in my wardrobe.

On this night, I decided to pair these shoes with a striped long sleeved button up, my favorite EverLane denim, and simple gold accessories. When I tell you I’m OBSESSED with these mules, I literally want to wear them everyday and get so many compliments on them.

To be honest, I planned to upload this post before Christmas but the recent WordPress update threw me for a tech-loop so this post will be brief 🙂

Please enjoy a few pics below.

Ensemble Breakdown:

Top: Last Chance- $7.00

Jeans: EverLane-$50.00

Mules- Last Chance $18.00


Peace & Love,

P.W.T. ( Pretty White Thang)

WhatUp Peeps!

HAPPY VOTING DAY! It is quite obvious that this country is in peril so I hope you all exercised your hard earned right to vote today( especially if you’re a minority or a woman) Ok, rant over 🙂 I had to stop in to share this BOMB white dress that was a part of my previously mentioned Forever 21 clearance  haul. Over the summer,  I was stalking this exact dress at another online retailer and the cheapest I found it was $30. So imagine my delight when I saw this on sale for a whopping $6!

Oh how I love this dress, let me count the ways: we’ve already talked about how the color white looks lovely on brown skin, the gold, double breasted buttons and detailing give me LIFE, and the slide slit makes it a little bit sexy. I opted to wear this number with my trusty Nike Cortez tennis shoes because I happened to be walking a bit the night I wore it and while out celebrating my friends upcoming move to LA, I had someone snap a few pictures.  Please enjoy the shots below.

Listen Linda, they may have to bury me in this dress 🙂 As always, ensemble details are below.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress: Forever 21- $6

Shoes: Nike Cortez, Last Chance-$15

Total: $21 ( WHOOP WHOOP)


Peace & Love,




The Art of Being Undone

The Art of Being Undone

undo-(verb) undid, undone, undoing.

To reverse the doing of; cause to be as if never done. To do away with:erase, efface. To untie or loose. 


I finally quit my full-time job a few months ago. If you remember the piece I wrote entitled Take the Leap & Find Your Wings, this was a long time coming. Back in the Spring while in Miami,  I had a realization: I’ve had a job since I was 15 years old with the exception of a three year stint post undergrad where I was chronically fired and unemployed. I’ve spent the vast majority of my adult life working places that merely allowed me to survive rather than truly thrive in life. Imagine how freeing it was  to discover  at 33 , no real responsibilities, debt-free and emotionally whole that I’m now in a position to do WHAT I WANT, BECAUSE I WANT TO!!!!

These last few months, God has truly amazed me with his faithfulness and provision. Every need has been swiftly provided for and as soon as one stream of income ends, he quickly opens up another one.Unusual opportunities have been manifesting and I’m walking in a lot of divine favor.

The concept of being undone has been rolling around in my spirit for some time now. I specifically like the part of the word defined as  “to reverse the doing of, cause to be as if never done”. That is exactly what I’m experiencing in my life during this season: God has been ridding me of ideas, relationships and the mentality that I am only here to survive and causing me to rest in a place of ease knowing that he desires for me to have joy in life while being my authentic self all while doing what I love.

Lately, my time has been spent resting, reading, upping my exercise routine, spending a TON of time with friends, making healthier food choices, re-calibrating my soul, and just relishing in the stillness of who God is and who he created me to be.  I have an insurmountable amount of peace and joy and honestly haven’t been this happy in a long time. I am not entirely certain just yet of the specifics of what my next season holds. Recently, I’ve received a few prophetic words reminding me that God has caused me to stand out, will use my gifts in a unique way, has me in unchartered territory and get this that I will be undone by God’s love!! ( HEY NOW)

As you’re reading this,  I hope it reminds you of some of the areas of your life where you need to be undone. Places in your heart that God will reset so you don’t even resemble the unfortunate things you’ve walked through and that faith will rise in you to step out into new territory knowing that he will guide you every step of the way.


Peace & Love,

All Aboard!!!

What-Up Peeps!

I hope you all are enjoying the first few days of Fall 🙂  Where I am, it’s not quite cool yet BUT the sweltering hot temperatures have dissipated so ya girl is happy! Last week, I went to Forever 21 to shop the Summer clearance racks and was pleased to find that sale items were an additional 65% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say I cleaned up is an understatement: I picked up 22 items for 88 dollars. I can’t wait to stunt in the next series of DOD’s in some of the gems I picked up.

Let’s start with this blue pinstripe jumpsuit. I’m sure you know by now that I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit there so versatile, flattering, and hardly ever need to be ironed. This piece has some stretch to it and reminded me of a train conductor (albeit a chic one) Best of all, it was a whopping $6( HEY NOW)

This time around, I kept it simple, pairing the ensemble with my trusty suede platforms and a gold choker. Since it was cool enough, my friend and I sat on the patio during brunch and she snapped a few pics to share with you all ( Thanks Tee-Nee) Enjoy the shots below.

I quit my full time job a couple months ago( more on that later) so I’m so thankful that God still blesses me with fabulous clothing items that are well under my budget. He’s such a good, good father. This season holds so much excitement for me: I recently heard a pastor say” Fall brings the harvest. ” I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some goooooood seed in the ground and am looking forward to reaping over and over again in this season.

Ensemble Breakdown:

Pinstripe Jumpsuit- Forever 21, $6

Shoes- Michael Kors- Last Chance, $23

Total- $29

Peace & Love,












New Beginnings

What Up Peeps!

My friend Nicky H. is an UBER talented local photographer that I’ve known since I was 15. We lost contact for a few years, recently reconnected and linked up a couple weeks ago to shoot these shots. I was at the site for just under an hour and love about 90% of these photos! I appreciate how God always brings the right people into your life. Something dope always happens with the images Nicky and I produce and these will be no different. Mark my words, things are about to change in the best way possible for ya girl 🙂 Enjoy a few of the pics below.

P.S.- You can also get a better look at the twelve dollar slip dress mentioned in my last post as I’m also wearing it in some of these shots. I saw myself wearing this dress with my black boyfriend blazer sitting atop a stool just before the shoot and I love how it turned out.


Thankful For New Beginnings,


Twelve Dollar Slipdress

What Up Peeps,

I’M ALIVE!!!! I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I’ve blogged. I’ll warn you in advance, this is not my usual full- length DOD post. I merely wanted to slide in and say hello 🙂 I did however post a new piece in SophiaTroy Speaks and I hope you check it out. Last week, I went to HH with a friend and we stopped into  a local plant shop to kill some time. That day, I happened to be rocking this $12 slip dress I recently picked up from Last Chance. I’ve been stalking a slip dress for a minute so I was glad to grab this one. I’ll spare you the full ensemble details since there not visible but enjoy the few snaps she captured  (Thanks Sid!)

I promise to be more consistent in posting so we’ll talk soon!


Peace & Love.







To Be Black

To Be Black

To Be Black is a constant feeling of making yourself small.

Resisting the urge to be too loud, too free, too confident or drawing any attention to yourself at all.

To Be Black is to be automatically disregarded with no regards for your humanity.

Assumed to be a threat because of what people think they see.

To Be Black is to speak with perfect diction and poise only to be told you have an attitude, rile people up and make too much noise.

To Be Black is a coming away from oneself drawing the best parts of you within.

Fearful of fully operating within certain spaces.

To Be Black is to often be seen as faceless.

Just a brown body encroaching on free space.

People emboldened to speak their hatred right in your face.

To Be Black is to witness regression after centuries of tiresome progress.

To Be Black is to be confounded by the space of your other-ness.

To Be Black is to be resilient.

Knowing that your heritage is steeped in so much pride.

Rightfully wearing your crown in spite of those who wish you’d be denied.

Your very success guaranteed by birthright.

Paid for by our ancestors who refused to give up the fight.

To Be Black is beautiful exuding inexplicable joy.

Flourishing from the dirt in the faces of those who don’t want us to enjoy.