All Aboard!!!

What-Up Peeps!

I hope you all are enjoying the first few days of Fall 🙂  Where I am, it’s not quite cool yet BUT the sweltering hot temperatures have dissipated so ya girl is happy! Last week, I went to Forever 21 to shop the Summer clearance racks and was pleased to find that sale items were an additional 65% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To say I cleaned up is an understatement: I picked up 22 items for 88 dollars. I can’t wait to stunt in the next series of DOD’s in some of the gems I picked up.

Let’s start with this blue pinstripe jumpsuit. I’m sure you know by now that I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit there so versatile, flattering, and hardly ever need to be ironed. This piece has some stretch to it and reminded me of a train conductor (albeit a chic one) Best of all, it was a whopping $6( HEY NOW)

This time around, I kept it simple, pairing the ensemble with my trusty suede platforms and a gold choker. Since it was cool enough, my friend and I sat on the patio during brunch and she snapped a few pics to share with you all ( Thanks Tee-Nee) Enjoy the shots below.

I quit my full time job a couple months ago( more on that later) so I’m so thankful that God still blesses me with fabulous clothing items that are well under my budget. He’s such a good, good father. This season holds so much excitement for me: I recently heard a pastor say” Fall brings the harvest. ” I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some goooooood seed in the ground and am looking forward to reaping over and over again in this season.

Ensemble Breakdown:

Pinstripe Jumpsuit- Forever 21, $6

Shoes- Michael Kors- Last Chance, $23

Total- $29

Peace & Love,












New Beginnings

What Up Peeps!

My friend Nicky H. is an UBER talented local photographer that I’ve known since I was 15. We lost contact for a few years, recently reconnected and linked up a couple weeks ago to shoot these shots. I was at the site for just under an hour and love about 90% of these photos! I appreciate how God always brings the right people into your life. Something dope always happens with the images Nicky and I produce and these will be no different. Mark my words, things are about to change in the best way possible for ya girl 🙂 Enjoy a few of the pics below.

P.S.- You can also get a better look at the twelve dollar slip dress mentioned in my last post as I’m also wearing it in some of these shots. I saw myself wearing this dress with my black boyfriend blazer sitting atop a stool just before the shoot and I love how it turned out.


Thankful For New Beginnings,


Twelve Dollar Slipdress

What Up Peeps,

I’M ALIVE!!!! I can’t believe it’s been over two months since I’ve blogged. I’ll warn you in advance, this is not my usual full- length DOD post. I merely wanted to slide in and say hello 🙂 I did however post a new piece in SophiaTroy Speaks and I hope you check it out. Last week, I went to HH with a friend and we stopped into  a local plant shop to kill some time. That day, I happened to be rocking this $12 slip dress I recently picked up from Last Chance. I’ve been stalking a slip dress for a minute so I was glad to grab this one. I’ll spare you the full ensemble details since there not visible but enjoy the few snaps she captured  (Thanks Sid!)

I promise to be more consistent in posting so we’ll talk soon!


Peace & Love.







To Be Black

To Be Black

To Be Black is a constant feeling of making yourself small.

Resisting the urge to be too loud, too free, too confident or drawing any attention to yourself at all.

To Be Black is to be automatically disregarded with no regards for your humanity.

Assumed to be a threat because of what people think they see.

To Be Black is to speak with perfect diction and poise only to be told you have an attitude, rile people up and make too much noise.

To Be Black is a coming away from oneself drawing the best parts of you within.

Fearful of fully operating within certain spaces.

To Be Black is to often be seen as faceless.

Just a brown body encroaching on free space.

People emboldened to speak their hatred right in your face.

To Be Black is to witness regression after centuries of tiresome progress.

To Be Black is to be confounded by the space of your other-ness.

To Be Black is to be resilient.

Knowing that your heritage is steeped in so much pride.

Rightfully wearing your crown in spite of those who wish you’d be denied.

Your very success guaranteed by birthright.

Paid for by our ancestors who refused to give up the fight.

To Be Black is beautiful exuding inexplicable joy.

Flourishing from the dirt in the faces of those who don’t want us to enjoy.



Little Miss Sunshine

What-Up Peeps!


Two blogs in one day?!! Boo-Yah 🙂 I couldn’t leave you all without sliding in and sharing a few pics of one of my favorite dresses. I LOVE the colors: yellow, red, and white on melanin skin. To that end, imagine my delight when I peeped this fabulous, billowed sleeved, yellow number on sale for $30 at Zara.I’ve worn it once because it’s a pain in the rear to iron, but decided to bust it out this weekend as I attended a friends bridal shower. Since the event was held in the cutest little restored house in downtown Glendale, I had so many great picture settings so you know I took advantage. Enjoy a few of my favorite shots below.

I love pairing this dress with my royal-blue wrap- around heels as it adds a nice bright color contrast. This dress is right on trend for Spring and I feel like such a lady when I wear it. As alway’s the DOD ensemble breakdown is listed below.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress: $30- Zara

Heels: $20- Last Chance

Total- $50


Peace & Love,






What-Up Peeps,


It seems as though the website was down for a few days: my apologies. I waned to stop in and share with you all my recent trip to Nashville. This charming southern gem has been on my vision board for about a year now and I was so happy when my friend was down to plan a trip!! I’d liken Nashville to the South Eastern version of Austin, Texas: the city boasts a quirky nature and unique charm, all confined within the red-neck ideals of the South. While in town, we hit up the downtown music scene, ATE A LOT, visited the Parthenon, and enjoyed exploring the different neighborhoods in the city. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my time, I was most thankful for a chance to travel with my friend Kaelyn and get to know her better, there’s nothing like a friend you can actually travel with ( can I get an AMEN) .Please enjoy some pics from our trip.

Have you all ever traveled to Nashville? If so, what did you think? Please feel free to share in the comments below.



Peace & Love,





Bienvenido A Miami

What-Up Peeps!

I just came home from an AWESOME trip to the wonderful city of Miami. In recent years, I’ve traveled in and out of this city on other trips but never actually spent any time there. I needed a get-away and have had Miami on my vision board for the last year so I booked a trip. When I tell you God showed UP on this trip, I’m so grateful. I’d liken Miami ( especially South Beach) to an adult Spring Break: a bunch of half-naked people faux stunting in rented luxury vehicles and doing the absolute most 🙂

I stayed in the Doral community which was 25-30 minutes from most of the things I ended up doing. While in town, I went to Little Havana, spent some time in South Beach and the Brickell neighborhood, visited the VOUS church, and of course ATE a ton.

However, the thing that stands out the most about this trip was the crazy amount of favor the Lord showed me. All throughout, I came across amazing people, offered free items, and even linked up with a friend I haven’t seen in over 20 years ( Hey Mia!!!) Recently, I’ve been even more mindful of inviting God into the everyday mundane tasks of my life and He has not failed to grace me with amazing opportunities and exceeding exactly what I need/want. Please enjoy some pics from my lovely trip.

I’d also like to note that Miami has one of the dopest skylines I’ve ever seen in a city. Despite being in a minor fender bender on my way to church( I feel fine), I’m so blown away by this amazing trip and can’t wait to see how God continues to show up in the rest of my travels this year 🙂


Peace & Love,















Sittin Pretty

What-Up Peeps!

How the heck are you? I had to slide through on this glorious Tuesday to share a few snaps of me in this BOMB  dress that was under $5.00!!!! As you know, Last Chance recently had dresses on sale for 50% off so imagine my delight when I popped in the store one day and dresses were a whopping 75% off 🙂 I scooped up this lovely hunter green TopShop number with cold-shoulder accents, a slight front slit, and key-hole back for $4.75…..HEY NOW!

When I tell you, I got my ENTIRE LIFE in this dress; I love being sexy, classy, and comfortable all at the same time. This go round I kept it simple pairing this dress with my ankle strapped black heels and a few stackable rings.

After demolishing nearly two entrees at brunch this past Sunday, I decided to suck it in and take a few photos perched on a bench outside the restaurant. Below you will find a few shots for your perusal.


Oh well good people, this look had to be shared. Sorry for the brief post I’m headed to Miami in a couple days so I’ll check back in when I return.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress:TopShop- $4.75, Last Chance

Shoes: Steve Madden-$20, Last Chance

Total: $24.75


Peace & Love,








Eight Dollar Easter Dress

What Up Peeps!!


As promised, these next few DOD’s will be largely  focused on dresses as your girl just CAME UP at the 50% off dress sale at Last Chance 🙂 My favorite purchase has to be this silk, halter dress that I bought for $8.00!! In recent years, God has always given me deals on Easter dresses at Last Chance where I end up paying $7-10 for my dress. Although I can afford to buy something more expensive, I always appreciate a frugal find. Imagine my further delight when I looked up this dress online and found that it originally retailed for $130……WINNING!!!!!!!!

I loved everything about this ensemble: it’s an extra small so it fit me perfectly.The only drawback is the fabric was a TOTAL pain to iron and steam, after several tries, I just embraced the wrinkles. After a lovely Easter service, I rushed to snap a few pics for you all before we  headed out to stuff our faces with good ole’ Easter brunch. Below are a few captures for you to enjoy.

How did you all spend your Easter and what did you wear darling?! Please feel free to let me know in the comments below.


Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress- ASTR Label originally $130:I paid $8.00 at Last Chance

Shoes- Sam Edelman Nude T-Strap Hells: $20 at Last Chance

Total- $28.00

Peace & Love.







Diva On A Dime: Lady In Red

What-Up Peeps!


Happy first day of Spring 🙂 I can’t think of a better way to kick off this new season than with a BOMB Spring dress. Recently, Last Chance had a sale where all dresses were 50% off and ya girl has been cleaning up!!!!!! So get ready for the next few DOD’s to be dress-centric. Although I purchased quite a few short dresses, I really wanted a midi-dress and was thrilled when I found this red number on the racks. Where to begin with this beauty!? It’s a classic silhouette that’s breathable, a great color and was only 20 dollars. I liked that it gave me little house on the prairie vibes and I could put my own twist on it. Since it has a great collar detail, I kept accessories simple pairing it with my gold hoops and platform ankle boots. My how the compliments abounded when I wore this dress! After church, I popped into my favorite neighborhood ice cream shop and had one of the employees snap a few pics of me ( Thanks Nami!!!) Enjoy the shots below.

What are some of your favorite Spring dress trends? Please share in the comments below.

Ensemble Breakdown:

Dress: Chelsea 28-Last Chance $20

Shoes: Jessica Simpson Platform Ankle Boots- Last Chance $25

Total Cost: $45.00


Peace & Love,